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Graham Scott
Diploma Business Studies (Communication Management)


Business Plans
Many small business' fail because not enough emphasis is placed by management in setting up a sound structure for their enterprises. Often although effort is placed on financial management issues like goal setting, staffing, marketing and promotion are overlooked. We have worked with both Doma Management and with our clients to help a variety of business in Otago to set up viable enterprises.

An important component of any Business Plan and one that requires constant attention to keep a business in tune with their markets. We have ongoing commitments with many local businesses both large and small to help keep them where they want to be positioned in the marketplace.

Often confused with marketing and an area where so many companies waste money on ineffective media. Again we have assisted many clients to gain maximum results from their advertising budget. We have found to our horror that many companies do not even keep track of or indeed have separate budgets for this purpose.

We also help our clients with a range of media : Newspaper Supplements, Advertising Design (all media), Brochures, etc

Business Media Design, Business Visuals and Business Presentation
This encompasses everything from the design of business cards, letterheads, point of sale material, selling aids, PowerPoint presentations, sales presentation, signage, etc.

Visual Images
Graham is a trained Commercial Photographer and has worked freelance for the past 30 years in this field. Along with several associates he has in excess of 20,000 images in his film library.
Digital imaging is another area where we can help you. Our new film scanner is capable of an amazing 4000 dpi which really brings those old transparencies to life.

Video and Audio Visual Presentations
Experienced in major projects for the transport, contracting, fishing and manufacturing industries. 3 associates are also active in this field.

Creative Media Project Management
A wide range of experience in a variety of projects including public displays, product launches, CD Rom development, Web page design and museum displays.

Business Presentation
From public presentations to tender documents we have the knowledge to help you project a favourable image to all your clients.

Computer Graphics
Well goes without saying when you do the above you certainly develop new skills. We always endeavour to find the best of local talent in this field not only to keep us on our toes but also because we personally learn so much from them. Fresh minds and new ideas are always available from our young associates.

Business Writing
We are available to help clients with a wide range of skills, from training manuals to websites to radio scripts to videos.

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