What is the difference?

Education is an all encompassing term, taking into consideration all learning activities, including those oriented towards profit. Training is directly concerned with improving people's performance.



1. Everyone is assumed to reach a standard matched to their natural abilities

2. Those who have difficulty are directed to other topics

3. Those who learn more easily cover more topics in the time allowed

4. The final standard is expressed as a pass mark which is based on statistical averages


1. Everyone is expected to be successful

2. Those who have difficulty are given coaching until they succeed

3. Those who learn easily reach the standard sooner or with less help from the trainer

4. The final standard is one that everyone can reach

5. At the end of the course all marks are 100%

We are not saying that one of these systems is better than the other, just that there are two different ways of spending money on learning. In today's environment we must take care to make sure that our training dollar is spent in the most effective and efficient way.


1. Using traditional methods Staff are told what the Presenter wants them to learn and for this they receive a Certificate of Attendance. The Staff member is never tested and performance back at work may not change.


2. Using the modern method, Staff have a Certificate of Achievement to show that they have developed a series of skills to a minimum level. A guarantee of competence is enshrined in this approach and skills should be seen immediately back in the place of work.

The importance of this concept is that the Individual's goals as well as the Organisation's goals can be met with long lasting effect.



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