Client comments

"I have found that your provision of service to be of a particularly high standard and the professional manner in which you conduct yourself at all times is appreciated. Your style of presentation was best described as : professional, teaching interactive and friendly"

Roger Fairbrother, Training Facilitator Personnel, Planning & Development, Telecom NZ

..."Mr Dixon has certainly turned what seemed a very daunting task into an exciting and thoroughly worthwhile exercise for us"

"His ability in this area has allowed us to achieve more than we thought possible"

B.C.Cuthbertson, Director Cargill Enterprises

"There has been a marked improvement in behaviour and team spirit since the exercise, of particular note being increased productivity and a deeper understanding by the team of themselves, others and the companies expectations"

John Connolly Distribution Services Manager GEC ALSTHOM

"Thanks Murray for a fine job"

G Morgan Morgan Machine & Marine Ltd

"This was by far the " best " training course that I have ever attended. The Course Director Murray Dixon's energy and skills presented an excellent course from start to finish"

J M Schallcrass Team Leader TELECOM NZ

"With reference to the recent Team Building Skills Training that you undertook with my Team Leaders, I wish to thank you for the professional manner in which these were conducted "

Bevan Meddings Contracting Manager PowerNet Ltd

"Thank you for the Staff Development Programme. We have received positive feedback from the staff that attended, and are happy to report that the skills are being implemented daily"

Maria & Philip Narbey Managers Akaroa Village Inn

"Since his involvement the company has made some major gains financially as well as improvements in the performance of staff through clearly defining their job accountabilities and results"

TJ BINNIE General Manager


The following are a small sample of satisfied participant comments selected from over 350 participants in 1998 -1999

" Murray is very well spoken & very understanding"

" Easy guy to talk with/too very comfortable "

" He was good and had a sense of humour "

" In a very professional manner & easy to understand "

" Well done Graham, very enjoyable & well run."

" Graham has presented this course in a fun, friendly manner that has been easy to follow."

" I like to thank you for the seminar very enjoyable."

" Clear handouts, friendly non threatening environment."

" Excellent interpersonal skills(said of course manager) "

" Excellent communicator, felt comfortable, came not wanting to be here but felt it was very worthwhile"

" Very professional. Well done"

" Graham was a great help and a good sort."

" Interesting and informative, holds attention"

" Good visual aids, bank analysis about first impressions was very impressive"

" Graham was very clear and positive & funny."

" Very enjoyable, learned heaps."

" Useful, positive & supporting."

" I think Murray ran a very good seminar and found it very useful. Keep up the good work "

" Good people skills/sense of humour held my attention "

" Put forward in an understanding manner"

" Good anecdotes & very animated and knowledgeable"

" Very motivating"

" Everything was applicable no matter how trivial it appeared to be."

" Murray d id an excellent job in keeping me interested and listening to what he was saying".

" Kept attention with positive reinforcements. Easy followed and relevant-extremely useful"

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