All of our courses are user friendly but most important not a package. They are designed to suit your company and are based on good academic theory and models with research backing.

TEAM DEVELOPMENT Designed around team dynamics and targeting team behaviour and productivity outcomes improvements back at work

TEAM MANAGEMENT In depth exploration and no risk experience of how theory can be applied in a common sense simple way at work.

MANAGER BEHAVIOUR Includes a 360 degree manager and a team behaviour assessment. A genuine look at all the skills of managing.

SUPERVISION A hands on approach to the basics of managing people.

CUSTOMER CARE Customers are really everything. A programme that puts you in the customer's seat then trains you in the skills you need to succeed in excellent customer service.

WRITING FOR RESULTS "Word have no meaning". Too often we fail to recognise the power of words. This programme will train you how to communicate persuasively and be understood by everyone.

ONE TO ONE COMMUNICATION Communication's management. This is course looks at the core skill ingredients for us all. staff and managers, mums and dads, - everybody.

GROUP PRESENTATION Tricks of the trade that we have developed over the last 20 plus years.

TRAIN THE TRAINERS A properly trained trainer who understands the appropriate style of delivery and can adapt to individual learning styles is a benefit to your organisation.

STAFF PROBLEM SOLVING TECHNIQUES An in depth analysis of the complexities of management staff problems before you get to the employment court.

TEAM PROBLEM SOLVING TECHNIQUES Techniques for group problem solving made simple

CHANGE MANAGEMENT "If staff understand why the how is easy"
An in depth look at techniques for teams and individuals to help cope with change

TECHNOLOGY FOR THE NEW MILLENIUM The Internet, word processing, computer systems, and graphics made simple.

STAFF DEVELOPMENT An assessment of individual skills, goals and building strategies to develop the whole person as part of a team.

CURRICULUM VITAE A close look at developing and how to use a CV within the company and in the job market.

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