If we know the boundaries of our jobs and the company then we are all seeing the same picture. Many a case would not have wound up in the employment court or in trouble with OSH if we had our policies in order.

Consider this

" Over analysis causes paralysis"

Our view is fewer rules and policies but make them good ones. We have some very satisfied clients.

DOMA have considerable experience in HR and OSH policy development.


The new thrust in workplace qualifications for industry certificates comes by way of the NZQA authority framework of learning.
We have NZQA approved work place assessors to assist in most generic and management and computing areas.

Consider this

Not all industries need NZQA approved qualifications. Quite frankly it can be an expensive business if you are not prepared. It costs a lot of money and time to do it to the standard.

If you need industry qualifications and can get a workplace unit standard paid for by your industry then click here.
Find out more about the
New Zealand Qualifications Authority.

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