Sometimes when I was managing large numbers of staff I really found it difficult to find someone who had staff or organisation experience that I could bounce ideas or problems off. This goes for staff too?

Consider this

A team always has a coach. I wonder why?

Ps I still use a mentor


A house will fall down if it is poorly built and doesn't have a sound structural base. We build companies like that too. Often 10 stories high.
It is essential to firstly know what the company is trying to achieve i.e. vision, mission and goals. These are the foundations.

After that comes the frame work of whom, how and what we do.

Consider this?

We wouldn't build a house without a building permit.

  • We wouldn't let our house develop without a plan.
  • We need to put some time into;
  • What jobs?
  • What roles?
  • What communication lines?
  • What relationships?
  • What Results?

Remember a dollar spent now could be tens of thousands saved over the years to come.

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