Non Survivors Indicator List

Tick the comments you have made lately:

I canít see how we can survive
I refuse to extend my overdraft
I wonít go back to the bank again
We need to have personal use vehicles itís our right!
I donít think the accountant could help
We need all this machinery to survive
We canít operate without all these staff
Iím not having fun anymore
My personal drawings are not negotiable
I deserve to do ďthe nice thingsĒ in life
My family comes first not the business
I donít want to worry my partner/spouse with this
I canít cut costs any further
I donít want to increase my borrowing or mortgage
I wonít sell assets to reduce business debt
I am finding reasons for not doing things
I canít see how to get out of this
Its just too hard
I havenít got time to keep fit

Iíve run out of energy
I donít go to doctors
I think I should go and work for somebody else and let them worry.
I deserve to have my holidays overseas Ė I take the risks
What about the people who owe me money?
I donít have time for all this

If you have ticked several you need to enlist our ďFirst Aid for BusinessĒ services.


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